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A bit about me...

 There was never a definitive moment in which I began referring to myself as an artist. My parents have told me that I've had a passion for art since I first picked up a crayon. It wasn’t to my surprise that my passion for art grew as I discovered different mediums. Pens, pencils, charcoals, markers, paints, computer programs, a camera, musical instruments… The medium doesn’t matter. Creating original, unique artwork is the most fulfilling thing in life to me. The only thing in life that surpasses my passion for art is my love for family and friends. I truly don’t know what I would do without art as a creative outlet. I’m grateful that I am capable of creating artwork that people love, and I definitely considerer it a gift to be blessed with artistic talent and a creative mind.

    I create art that is experimental and emotional, conservative and classic, and everything in between. At times you will find me making logos using Adobe Illustrator, or arranging layouts with InDesign. Other times you may find me with my hands covered in paint and out of breath from dancing around a canvas at 3:00 a.m., searching for that last brush stroke that is going to constitute a masterpiece. But even while engaging in my most conservative creations, I enjoy what I’m doing. The mere fact that I am making something that will bring joy, or perhaps just be useful to another person is exciting to me. When it comes to art and design nothing is mundane to me. No matter what the circumstances may be, there is always an opportunity to create something beautiful.

   Aside from art I do a lot of snowboarding in the winter, a little skateboarding in the summer, and I love DJ’ing and making music. I love the outdoors and try to get out camping at least a couple times a year. I frequently visit Colorado, where I spend most of my time in either Denver (at my sister and brother in law’s house) or in Breckenridge (at my sister and brother in law’s condo). I definitely keep busy but always manage to have fun!

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