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For the Mental Snowboards project I designed a logo, a business cards, snowboard graphics, merchandise graphics, a brochure and a website.

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Mental Snowboards is a company which will hopefully launch in the near future. I created all of the graphic elements needed for a business proposal, starting with the most important step - "mind mapping". Mind mapping is a brainstorming process by which one starts with a key word and writes down every word that pops into their head which is related to that key word.

After advancing my brain into intense design mode using a mind mapping strategy, I began doing thumbnail sketches. I spend roughly 3-4 hours sketching out any ideas that materialized in my head. After sketching I moved on to the rough digital design phase. These designs evolved through a process of copying and pasting, making minor changes to my design each time. I adopted this process from watching Aaron Draplin, a very reputable logo designer.

After I chose a logo I was happy with, I created a "brand standards" page. This page is a guide to the remaining stages of the process. It specifies the logo, fonts, colors and other various design elements I plan to use throughout the project.

For this "start to finish" project I made business cards, a letterhead, a brochure and a website. I also created graphics for all of the snowboards and merchandise. I used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign in conjunction with my fine artwork to finalize designs for "Mental" Snowboard products.

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